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14 Mar

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If Warrior Nations has ever impacted your life in any way, please read this letter and stand with us!


November 30, 2013

Dear Partners and Friends,

If Warrior Nations has ever impacted your life in any way, please read this letter and stand with us! We need your help! Warrior Nations is believing for 100,000 lives to be changed by the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ! We can’t do it alone! 2013 was an awesome time of revival and evangelism, with 5,710 life-changing decisions for the Lord Jesus Christ. During the 2013 West Africa World Harvest crusade, many came to the Lord and many were totally healed from injuries and illness. A man that had not walked in six months was touched by God and walked for the first time since his accident. A lady with the issue of blood that had been bleeding for 4 months dried up immediately after praying for her healing. There were so many awesome testimonies of the Holy Spirit touching lives. We have recorded many of these live services on the Warrior Nations You Tube channel.

Warrior Nations just had its 11th year anniversary,

with over 64,110 decisions made for the Lord!

I want to share some stories with you. Chris wrote a letter to us from a prison in TX. He said, “I didn’t even realize the cycles the devil had over my life and how he deceived me, until someone in jail gave me one of your books. I read your testimony and some of the teaching. It was like a light bulb came on. I could see the cycles and now God has set me free. Thank you! Please send more books.”

Francine called our office one day and said, “You came to a rehab where I was in GA to share your testimony. I gave my life to Jesus then, but had a struggle when I got out.  I moved 2 or 3 times after I got out, but these annoying Warriors’ Word newsletters seemed to keep following me as well. One day I read a message on radical grace in the newsletter. God touched me and now I am in full time ministry. Thank you for not giving up on me.”

Philip, a teen from FL said, “I went to one of your Beyond the Darkness meetings. You were talking about the power of music, good and bad. I thought you were crazy at first, but God began to show me how I made compromises in my music that led to compromises in my life. No more half way in, for me. I’ve closed that door and can see a major difference in my life.”

A lady from TN came into one of our meetings recently. She had tried to stab two pastors and church members with a knife over the past two years in a small town called, Harriman. One of the church elders brought her to one of our meetings. When we prayed for her in the name of Jesus Christ, a spirit was broken off her life. She got up a brand new woman and testified in her right mind the next night that Jesus Christ set her free from mental torment and sleepless nights! You couldn’t even tell she was the same woman.

In 2011, Warrior Nations started a leadership fellowship to other ministries and ministers, at no charge. We have been able to help launch foreign missionaries to America from Africa, pastors and evangelist in their calls. We have met many ministers ready to give up, but are now serving God in full swing and making an awesome impact for the Kingdom! Warrior Nations has helped launch over 30 ministries and seen over 1000 ministers’ surrender to the call in 11 years. In 2007, Warrior Nations started International Harvest Crusades all over the world. We have some crazy testimonies of healings and mass salvations. We have been doing them on a shoe string budget, but God has been so faithful to maximize our efforts with the little that we have had. Over the span of 11 years, Warrior Nations has averaged one decision for Christ for every ten dollars given to this ministry. We have learned to be very faithful with very little.

God has been dealing with Warrior Nations about shifting to the next level. We are preparing for the greatest revival this world has ever known and I want to be ready! We are doing everything we know to do to prepare to go to the next level in every area. Will you go with us? We have prepared the 2014 budget and need about a 30% increase to fulfill the next years outreaches. This is not raising my wife’s or my salary at all!

“For even in Thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity. Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound unto your account” Philippians 4:16- 17. Eleven years ago, my wife Christy and I launched Warrior Nations Intl. Ministries in October 2002. We took all of her $500 of retirement and paid for the IRS fee to become a Not-For-Profit organization recognized by our Federal government. We have been traveling and sharing this radical message of grace and holiness ever since!  We now have four kids, a small army of volunteer staff and the mission is still the same. I want to thank the Remnant Partners of Warrior Nations for standing with this ministry to preach the Gospel in these last days. We have a handful of people who have stood with us since the beginning in 2002 and we want to say thank you so much. We can’t do it without your continual prayers and monthly support. My family thanks you for all your prayers and support. Thirty-five percent of the ministry budget comes from love offerings, five percent from book sales and sixty percent of the ministry budget is from partners and people just like you that believe we are in the last days and believe in the fruit of salvations God has harvested through this ministry. We can’t do it without you. Please continue to stand with WNIM in these last days!

If you have partnered with us, or given a one-time donation in the past, would you consider standing with this ministry again?

WNIM purposes that everything we do center on the Great Commission. I was bi-vocational until 2008 and the Holy Spirit called me to stop my secular job and give more focus to the work of the ministry. The economy dropped shortly after we went into “full time ministry” but we have never looked back. Times have been tough around our nation, but our God is not in recession or depression.  Usually outreach budgets instead of building funds are the first thing to get cut when budgets have to adjust in churches during hard times. I’ve got good news for you, Warrior Nations hasn’t slowed down due to a budget cut, nor have we changed or stopped the mission. The WNIM mission is simple.  1. Preach the grace Gospel of Jesus Christ.  2. Take a strong stand against sin. Even when it’s not popular! 3. Empower the believer in their personal walk as a Warrior of Jesus Christ.

WNIM is praying for new people to make a commitment of new monthly partnership in order to meet the monthly budget! If you have never given to Warrior Nations,

or taken a step of partnership, would you consider taking the challenge?

We are on the front lines and need your help.

If you are a pastor, or leader in a church, would you consider factoring in the evangelistic outreaches of Warrior Nations as part of your outreach budget? We will send regular updates of the details of decisions made for the Lord.


Please prayerfully consider taking the Warrior’s Challenge!

1.  Commit to PRAY for the ministry, outreaches, & the staff regularly!

2. Commit to SUPPORT the WNIM outreaches financially every month with $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1,000 or more.  No amount is too small!

You can give a “one time”, or monthly reoccurring offering securely

on our website at OR you can mail your seed offering to:

WNIM, PO Box 2352 Greenwood, SC 29646

Thank you so much for your sacrificial giving!

“So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly, or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver. And is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work”2 Corinthians 9:7-8.


Facts about WNIM Outreaches: WNIM is a 501 C-3 Christian Non-Profit who annually conduct prison ministry, international crusades and pastor conferences, mission trips for training to the next generation of evangelist and missionaries, medical clinics, humanitarian efforts/helping water wells and filters, distributing toys to needy children, media evangelism, evangelism publishing, evangelism training and support, revivals, pastoral supply, prayer conferences and rally’s,  ladies conferences, mentoring training and discipleship programs, leadership conferences, radically challenging youth and college outreaches, evangelism webinars and much more.

Together We Are Gathering the Harvest for Our King,

Rev. Shawn Patrick and Christy Williams

Founders, Warrior Nations International Ministries or

Blind A Biblical Perspective on Sexual Purity

13 Mar

“Blind” A Biblical Perspective on Sexual Purity

by  on MARCH 13, 2014 · LEAVE A COMMENT


A Biblical Perspective on Sexual Purity

  • 50% of America is affected by it.
  • More money is spent on it annually than all the money spent on professional football, professional baseball, and professional basketball, combined.
  • 57 million hits a day are clicking on websites containing it.
  • 4 out of 10 pastors are struggling with it!
  • What is it? It’s America’s #1 addiction: Pornography.

5 out of 10 teens will become sexually active before they get married. 1 out of 4 of those teens will contract a sexually transmitted disease. 2 out of 10 girls become sexually active will get pregnant, and half of those babies will be aborted or miscarried.

How do we overcome porn and sexual immorality? What can we do to avoid it? How can we be healed from it? Is it okay to think about sex? What is okay to do? What does the Bible say about sex?

Blind is a men’s Bible study series for single and married men. Shawn Patrick conducts these seminars.

Raise the Wall Prayer Initiative

13 Mar

Raise the Wall Prayer Initiative

PageLines- raise-the-wall-art.jpg

Since 1963 the prayer wall has been slowly dismantled in America. Due to the effort to take prayer out of schools, efforts to take the Bible out of our national heritage, and the attack on freedom of speech as we know it, socialism is knocking on America’s door and the moral fabric of our nation has been slowly unwound!

From 1963 until today, there has been a 500% increase in teen violence, a 400% increase in the occult, 50% of teens are having sex, 67% of teens that grow up in a Christian home leave the faith when attending a secular university, and more teens have lost their lives to suicide than all the American combat casualties in the Vietnam war! Schools shootings are not uncommon on our universities any longer! The prayer wall has fallen around America! Will you “Raise the Wall”?

Raise the Wall is a multi-level prayer initiative that Warrior Nations has launched in the churches of America. Shawn Patrick teaches a seminar based out of the book of Nehemiah and lays out a simple multi-level prayer initiative for any church to apply with their congregation.

“So we built the wall, and all the wall was joined together … for the people had a mind to work.”

Nehemiah 4:6 KJV

“This prayer initiative has joined our church together a level of prayer that we have never experienced before.”

Dr. Wendell Rhodes
Friendship Worship Center
Abbeville, SC

Author Worldwide TV Marketing Opportunity

11 Mar

Hosted by Dorothy Spaulding, By The Book, features today’s leading Christian authors from around the world and discusses their latest books being released.  Through Dorothy’s engaging and intimate interviews the authors share their background, influences and experiences in life.  You will learn what went into writing these books and what they are about.  These interviews leave the audience eager to read their books and feeling as if they know the authors personally.

In the few years By The Book has been produced, it has won a Telly award, two Angel Awards and a Davey Award.  This award-winning program is spreading into many markets around the world reaching millions of homes on many local, regional and satellite stations.  By The Book can be seen on GEB with 240 Affiliates; TV 57 in Atlanta, GA; on Sky, which is the United Kingdom’s version of Direct TV; and many other national stations.  We are now reaching ¾ of the English speaking world overseas.

For the first time Watchman Broadcasting is opening up a marketing opportunity that is uncommon. They are offering 30 sec spots to sell for this next season. 7 per a show and there are 43 shows. Each 30 sec spot is $300 a spot. The deadline for payment is May 1st and then the slots are $400 after that. For billing call Chris James at 864-278-3618. The shows should be distributed to the above affiliates by Sept 1st 2014. Each affiliate releases the shows on their network at different times.

These 30 sec spots can be for authors, publishing companies, bookstores, and ministries. The client will be responsible for the professional production of the 30 sec spot, or Watchman can produce the spot for an additional charge. Fees vary from $300 to $1500 depending on the project. Call Chris James for a quote on the spot. Discounts are considered for large volumes of spots purchased.

If you need any additional information, call me at 864-337-1432. I have been a part of this production and the Christian publishing industry for years and have never seen such an awesome opportunity for authors, publishers and ministries to get there word out to the nations for such a minimal cost!

Gathering the Harvest and advancing the kingdom,

Shawn Patrick Williams

Destiny A Living Miracle

01 Oct

Warrior Nations Publications product

Destiny: A Living Miracle – Synopsis
A true story: Destiny: A Living Miracle is a story about Dr. Ansy Dessources and a family that attended his church, Healing Center Community Church. They stood against the death sentence of the doctor reports to see a baby named Destiny come into the world to fulfill her destiny. They didn’t lose hope when family and experts turn against their faith. They believed to see the promises of God fulfilled. This story will build your faith to believe that God is still able to perform His Word in your life, despite your circumstances!

Pastor Ansy and his wife are the founders of Ansy Dessources Ministries and Pastor Ansy is the senior pastor over Healing Center Community Church based in Levittown, Pennsylvania along with his lovely wife Sherline Dessources who also has a Master Degree in education. They have three beautiful children: Sherlsy Anne Dessources , Jeremiah Ansy Dessources Jr. and Samuel Dessources.

Destiny: A Living Miracle front cover

About Dr. Ansy Dessources
Pastor Ansy was raised in Haiti and moved to the United States in the late 1990s. Pastor Ansy received the call on his life at a young age, and began walking out his calling at the age of 21.

He is a cutting edged, energetic speaker that has a passion to aggressively fulfill the great commission that Christ gave to His disciples, to go into the world and make disciples of all people. He has a heart for those who do not know Jesus, and wants to see them come to the Lord, and also to disciple them into the deeper things of God. His gifting is evident by his fruit. He is anointed through the Holy Spirit and this is evident through his miracles, prophetic gifting, and the power of God being shown through his worship and his preaching. He is a voice that God is using to break the chains that are binding people today, and teaching them to declare the freedom that is a gift to those who call Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior. Pastor Ansy is founder and president of Ansy Desources Ministries. He has ministry both in the United States and in Haiti, and is a voice God is using to reach not only to those in America, but all around the world.

Pastor Ansy Dessources received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Liberty University, his Master Degree in theological from New Birgh University, earned his Doctorates Degree from Forunners University, and earned a second doctorates degree from Trinity Theological Seminary of South Florida.

Dr. Ansy Dessources

Warrior Nations Publications

25 Sep

Warrior Nations Publications is a Christian, publishing, consulting and marketing group. The mission of WNP is to be a launching platform and support group for “end time” “voices”, with a “now” word for the Body of Christ. The goal of WNP is to evaluate each author’s project, assess the vision, needs and budget. Then develop a professional book publishing and marketing strategy for the project, based on that information.

WNP has developed divine alliances with the book publishing industries best vendors over the years. WNP leverages those relationships on each project for the benefit of each author and there book project.

WNP Founder, Shawn Patrick Williams, has published many books on all three levels of the publishing industry (Self Publishing, “Print on Demand” and Traditional Publishing). Some of his books have been in stores like, “Books-a-Million”, “Family Christian Bookstores” and “Parable Bookstores”. He has, also, developed many media projects and has interviewed about his books by media networks like, Day Star’s the Joni show and Celebration, TBN’s Praise the Lord and JCTV, CBN’s 700 Club, TCT Network, Dove Broadcasting, Watchman Broadcasting and there primer book show called, “Buy The Book”, NPR radio, USA IRN Radio Network, Gospel Impact Radio Network, American Family Radio Network and many more. Shawn Patrick his experience to the table on each project.

“I believe that one good consulting session, the right tools and advice can save an author years of trial and error and tens of thousands of dollars. Weather or not, an author has a good mentor/coach and will follow the plan it can be a defining factor in an authors carrier.”

Shawn Patrick Williams

Warrior Nations Publications has an unbiased point of view for the author of integrity and character. No “overselling an under delivering,” which is an industry standard to “get the contract.” WNP prepares their authors for a long lasting career, as a writer.

Warrior Nations Publications only takes certain projects that fit the vision of the consulting group. When a project is approved and the publishing/consulting agreement is signed, the WNP team backs it in every area of influence and reach the Holy Spirit has given them. WNP has a seasoned team of the industries professionals in each field, that assesses each project through the filters of there experience and training.

If you feel that you have a message that fits this vision statement, call or email today.

Fill out the application form at this website for your free evaluation today.  Or contact us via e-mail at


Word to Partners! by Shawn Patrick Williams

20 Jan

Word to Partners!

by Shawn Patrick Williams

Dear Partners,

We have been so blessed in 2011 to see God work in many people’s lives in so many awesome ways! He’s not dead in a tomb somewhere, He is still alive! He is still working miracles in the earth to testify that He is resurrected.

We have been getting letters from all over the nation and even some from other countries testifying of God touching someone through a meeting, a book, or a media interview.

That’s why we are in the ministry, to SEE JESUS CHANGE LIVES! Thank you for standing with us in prayer and financial support sending us to go minister.

Be looking for us on WGGS’s “Nitleline” television show out of Greenville, SC in 2012. We have been asked to host some of their shows and look forward to ministering to the masses on this TV program.

Please pray for us as we are interviewing many different people in the Body of Christ. We are praying that this new outlet will help influence the Body of Christ to become the “endtime warrior” thatthe Holy Spirit wants them to be in these last days.

The Gathering services are starting back and we expect the to be stronger than ever! We have several leaders and churches locally that have committed to be involved in 2012 and they are “on fire” churches! If you are in the area, please try to make some of these services!

The “Warring with the Word” Basic Training Manual is being used as a Bible study for a South Carolina women’s prison, Praise the Lord. If you don’t have a copy, think about getting one. It is a powerful tool for discipleship. Once again, thank you for all of your prayers and support!

Together we are Gathering the Harvest for the King!

God bless you all,

Shawn Patrick & Christy Williams


18 Dec

Harvest time is here! The

great “last days” outpouring

of the Holy Spirit is happening

right now. We are a part of

that generation that sees

God’s glory at work in and

through His Church, unto the

world. I can’t tell you how excited

I am to have a small

part in the last days work Jesus

is doing!

We are praying for boldness

to preach the Gospel and

fresh open doors to carry the

awesome message of the

cross & resurrection! We

have a praise report for 2011.

WNIM saw 22,900 salvations,

5,370 other decisions, and 25

people accept the call into

ministry this year! Hallelujah!

God is reviving His Bride and

He is convicting the lost.

On December 27th our baby

boy will be the new addition

to our family. Please keep us

the past few months a incredible


taking place across

United States

“Occupy Wall

It is really causing

to take a

at how our society

and has

general frustrations

a generation.

problem is that no

really can legitimately



goals. The truth is that

is a generational cry,

the Spirit, as well for true

Change is not going

come through Wall

or “
Pennsylvania Avenue.”

change should,

come through

! Are you

in the world I’m


19:11-13 says, “And as

heard these things, he

and spoke a parable,

he was nigh

and because

thought that the



appear. He

therefore, a certain

man went into a

country to receive for

a kingdom and to

and he called his

servants, and delivered

ten pounds,

said unto them

I come.”

context this was an example

how the

should operate

Jesus comes to receive

kingdom. His

was to occupy.

servants that

lazy and did nothing with their pounds

rebuked and stripped of what pounds

had. Then their pounds were given to

servants who were faithful and produced

with their pounds.

charge to all was to occupy and the rebuke

to those who chose not to advance


while here on

with their God-given talents, gifts, and

What does “occupying” look like in

society? I can assume that Jesus didn’t

a bunch of people living in tents,

and provoking the authorities.

gave all believers a command to “Go

preach the Gospel and make disciples”



believe in




are bornagain,


a responsibility


your testimony


around you.

your schools! Occupy your job! Occupy

cities! Occupy your neighborhoods!

your homes and every

with the
Take the

out of the four walls of the church

take it to
Main Street.
The Church needs

stop being “undercover” and take the

to the streets with that same passion

the “
Occupy Wall Street

the Church begins to occupy

Street, TRUE change will happen in our

Secret Sorcery in Public Schools by Shawn Patrick

27 Aug
Secret Sorcery in Public Schools by Shawn Patrick Williams

In “The Gathering” services in Greenwood, SC we regularly have a time where people break up into small groups of two and threes. They pray for each others needs according to Matthew 18:19. “Again I say unto you that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching, anything that they ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”

During one of these times, a prayer warrior we know, came to us and said, “I feel like we need to pray that the Secret Sorcery books get into the school systems.” We said, “Ok, let’s pray!” We prayed a simple prayer of faith corporately and asked the Lord to open the doors. Well, we have began to see the Lord open those doors.

Shortly after praying, I received a phone call that one of the local boards approved Secret Sorcery: The Deception Begins for their library. Again later that week I was in Augusta, GA at TV-49 doing some video editing and I brought some books to the station. A lady walked in the station looking for the Secret Sorcery book. The girl working the front called me downstairs to bring a book. It was the Lord that I happen to be there with the books. I walked down the steps and took the book to the visiting lady. She introduced herself and said, “I work at the local highschool and felt impressed to get a copy. I want to get it in the North Augusta schools. Divine providence? I think so!

God answers prayer. There is power in the agreement of prayer. Please pray that God swing these doors as wide as He wills. I desire that the public school kids hear this message. We are asking you to consider getting a copy and taking it to your local public school board

Kids are reading the book in just a few days. It is encouraging young people to read, but read material with a Godly, positive message. Please pray about this with us and let’s see God work in this generation like never before

pray that God swing these doors as wide as He wills. I desire that the public school kids hear this message. We are asking you to consider getting a copy and taking it to your local public school board.

If you haven’t yet ordered your copy, you can go to and get it directly from us. In doing so, you support our outreaches.

Secret Sorcery in Public Schools by Shawn Patrick Williams

Edit of Secret Sorcery: The Deception Begins

08 Aug

I worked on this project for a few years. It started as a mixer of my life stories and a couple of preaching messages the Holy Spirit gave me. Over those years, I started working on the novel, but really need some help!!! I am a preacher, by gift. Writing a novel was not a natural thing for me. Once I finished the book the real work began. I had talked to two different people about the book and got a lot of feedback.

 Once I submitted the book to Destiny Image, they gave to Jeff Gerke for an edit review.  Jeff is an amazing writer and teacher. He sent the novel back and said, “It’s not ready.” That’s being very general. He nailed my level of writing fiction and gave me a challenge to learn the art of writing fiction. I listen to his feedback and it was about a year later before the release date. He said I could release the book and it would be something family and friends would get, or I could do some work and make it a decent novel. Jeff has work on the novel,’”Faceing the Giants” and all three of Wendy Alec’s books from God TV Network.

I have been working on my level of writing, even now for “The Apocalyptic Encryption”. As I am working on these books, I can’t help but think about my fiction inspiration , Frank Peretti. I was able to meet in Denver, CO in 2005. I was releasing my first teaching book and he was releasing another awesome fiction. If you haven’t noticed about my influence he a huge part of it. As a matter of fact, Peretti and Rick Joyner’s fiction books are the only ones I’ve ever read.